Sliders: Gamer University

Before last fight

BESM Summary Before Jaunt

  • People receive the call
  • Kestrel was returning a DVD of Ranma to the Outpost Anime section o Many people also in trench-coat and large hat were hiding their habits o She got called in.
  • Derek came in fairly quickly and had tea with the cat and the Lord
  • Cleo was in sub-level 1 o She was sharing with an Ooze, who was in there for impersonating Astral Surprise o She got released to report for duty o She made a bee-line for the emergency exit o Got zatted by Relapse o Tried again o Got zatted by Relapse o Tried again o Got zatted by Relapse o Cupboard bristled with weapons o Cleo reported for duty
  • Morphic was researching his system in the Library of Sources o Got the call o Anteloped out o Ran into Flats o Got embedded in ceiling o Morphed through forms while people poked fun o Became a dragon, smooshed people who needed to be smooshed o Got out of the ceiling, made it to the briefing
  • Briefing o Investigate ‘oddness in system’. o Yeah, not very detailed

On Arrival – Day One

* Main Yard o Kestrel tests the genre by hitting Morphic. No chibi. o Derek got thrown into the pool in the middle of the yard, becomes wet. And female o Kestrel gets challenged to a duel of honour by Ayane o Principal comes out of a door, rouses on the group, sends them to detention. At university? * In homeroom o Ayane turns up in the yard, laughs at Kestrel’s fleeing her skill o Ranma hits on Cleo obliquely, got busted thanks to her ears o Derek gets derided by Kenada the Scientist o Derek is excused to go shower o Morphic and Ranma chat further * Morning Period o Kestrel trains her students, Ayane and her school burst in o A duel with insults, Krestrel wins o Derek mucks about in Religious Studies. o Lots of religious hoo-ha o First sideworld event o Walls go rusted and worn
  • Morphic rushes to reach the theatre now he knows that they are in the middle of a play o Skillfully gets what he needs in place in place o The draconic star of the performance gets all up in Morphic’s grill o Cleo plays around in the high energy science building
      o Hymie talks to the group briefly, revealing odd things he’s noticed
      o No Astral Surprise at lunch
      o Main star comes in with entourage.
  Afternoon Period
      o Cleo mucks about in the high energy science tower again
      o Hymie talks to Cleo
      o Derek has more fun in Theology
      o Brawl!
      o Timeslip
      o Kestrel trained her students further
      o Second sideworld event - half of student’s faces go ooky
      o Morphic mooches around
      o Senior pranks for end of year
      o All students (save our heroes and support cast) gone
      o Gym
      o Kestrel challenges world to show itself
      o It does.
  First full Sideworld
      o All characters in separate places
      o All buildings gone
      o Just rusty floor with gaping holes
      o Group navigate to the Homeroom
      o Room dusty, desks falling apart, teacher’s desk is OK. Stuff on desk. Surprise Piano
      o Puzzle #1
  Back in the real world
      o Hymie dies outside.
      o Cleo chases one set of prints
            + Chases Ranma.
            + Ranma pins Cleo
            + Runs away with backpack and cooler
      o Derek postcognits
            + Postcog taken over, shows faces of Homeroom teacher, Star, Ayane, Kenada and Ranma
      o Kestrel attacked by Ayane
            + Ayane knocked out eventually (other PCs help)
  Group splits up
      o Morphic goes to find Homeroom teacher and Star
      o Cleo goes to find Kenada
      o Derek goes to find Ghost girl
      o Kestrel guards Ayane to try and make her talk. Ayane too knocked out.
      o Morphic finds star in star’s room
            + Airsnake Morphic listens/ looks under door
            + Star is doing Shakespear in 2 hours, with cheerleader picture on skull
            + Hears Morphic
            + Morphic flees, star chases
            + Morphic dodges flame breath by jumping into room
            + Room contains homeroom teacher in undergarments who shreiks
            + Star bursts in, Morphic escapes in chaos
            + Morphic goes after Ranma
            + Finds him in Clocktower
            + They talk, reveals that Ranma has a memory stick from Hymie
            + Reveals Ranma may be becoming aware
            + Memory stick shows that Hymie was becoming aware
      o Cleo finds Kenada working on a device
            + Kenada hides device behind herself
            + Cleo is suspicious but doesn’t push things
            + Kenada is distracted to go elsewhere, Cleo investigates the device
            + Device is hydraulicy.
      o Kestrel checks out Ayane’s body
            + Finds purse, locker key, photo of Kestrel’s brother
            + Checks out Ayane’s room
            + Finds letter drafts to Kestrel’s brother
            + Takes them, writes blackmail on her mirror in lipstick
            + Finds similar stuff in Ayane’s closet
            + A book on origami folding given to her by Home room Teacher
            + Kestrel drags Ayane back into the homeroom
            + Kestrel examines the room, finds the books belonging to the room and takes out the Ofuda scroll (Soul Lock/ Soul Binding) bookmark
      o Derek wanders aimlessly, finds the cooler room full of meat and Snow Maiden
            + Snow maiden attacks using everything she’s got, Derek deflects using time and tries to talk to her reasonably.
            + Snow maiden says some things
                  # Enjoy eating you
                  # Why are you here?
                  # You will be used to power our way out
            + Snow maiden Vanishes
            + Derek postcogs, sees Kenada playing with the freezer unit
            + Derek carefully pulls an Ofuda scroll (Soul of the Snow Maiden) from the unit
  Sideworld event
      o Sideworld
      o Everyone has two ghost kids with them
      o Kestrel takes hers down handilly, bokken glowing with Ofuda glow
      o Derek cannot be touched by his assailants
      o Kenada and Morphic take hits
      o Cleo is taken to -2 soul by her assailants.
      o People rush to save Cleo
      o Kestrel takes assailants down
      o Morphic gets Derek’s Ofuda scroll, Derek uses time-speed to avoid assailants
      o Kenada licks soul back into Cleo
      o Cleo gets the Ofuda scroll out of the hydraulic arm (Soul Power/ Power from Souls)
      o Kenada taken down by assailant
      o Kestrel takes down final assailants
      o Everyone’s souls are returned.
      o Cleo finds puzzle #2 on the ceiling
      o Puzzle solved typing ‘alert’ into hydraulic arm
      o Revert to real world
      o Room starts to shake, alert sounds.

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